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'One Day Salary Challenge' an on line campaign started by WMC to support Nepal is now going viral

Nepal is reeling after a massive earthquake. The calamity caused extensive damage of lives and property. Poor families have been dislocated and their loved ones are missing. Children are orphaned and thousands are sleeping in open spaces without sufficient food and water. Understanding the need of the hour, World Medical Council - a forum designed and developed for uniting healthcare sectors across the world for the betterment of global medical industry, has initiated ‘One Day Salary Challenge’ campaign.
The campaign that is urging employees of various companies to donate at least one day salary to support the earth quake stricken Nepal has been garnered much attention worldwide within a few days. Multinational companies like Aries Marine and Medi BizTV are associated with the campaign and more than 1500 people have already been accepted the challenge and thereby contributed their one day wages to the rehabilitation projects in Nepal.
The challenge which was kicked off by World Medical Council now has taken up by several business firms to spread the message of breaking geographical barriers when it comes to support the needy ones.
It is easy for anybody to take up the challenge by visiting the web page Those who have already taken up the challenge can make any two of their friends accept the challenge and contribute one day salary to help rebuild Nepal.

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