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Kerala Flood Relief Activities

2018 and 2019 saw the worst flooding in the history of Kerala where lakhs of people were rendered homeless. During this flooding, many of our staff homes were also affected. Extending our support to the affected, Aries Group built and handed over 2 houses recently utilizing the Aries CSR funds and also provided monetary assistance and support to our staff whose houses were damaged during the floods.

Chennai Flood Relief Activity

Chennai was affected by the worst ever flood, taking a toll of more than 200 people and causing massive destruction. When the city received help from all sides, the worst affected rural areas were fully neglected. Aries Group of Companies provided helping hand to more than 150 rural families in the construction of houses which were lost in the calamity. Aries Group of companies set an example by sending 2 teams of staff representatives to the affected areas and helping the needy. Chennai CSR activities of Aries Group was supported by Caritas International, one of the most reputed NGOs of the world and World Medical Council.

Nepal Fund from Employees

Nepal is reeling after a massive earthquake. The calamity caused extensive damage of lives and property. Poor families have been dislocated and their loved ones are missing. Children are orphaned and thousands without sufficient food and water. Understanding the need of the hour, World Medical Council - a forum designed and developed for uniting healthcare sectors across the world for the betterment of global medical industry, has initiated ‘One Day Salary Challenge’ campaign.

The campaign that is urging employees of various companies to donate at least one day salary to support the earth quake stricken Nepal has been garnered much attention worldwide within a few days. Multinational companies like Aries Marine and Medi BizTV are associated with the campaign and more than 1500 people have already been accepted the challenge and thereby contributed their one day wages to the rehabilitation projects in Nepal.

The challenge which was kicked off by World Medical Council now has taken up by several business firms to spread the message of breaking geographical barriers when it comes to support the needy ones.

It is easy for anybody to take up the challenge by visiting the web page www.nepalsupportchallenge.com. Those who have already taken up the challenge can make any two of their friends accept the challenge and contribute one day salary to help rebuild Nepal.

Maritime Film Society

Maritime Film Society, which is formed by a young group of cinema aficionados, hosted a festival of films with a marine theme – Ocean Blue, where some films which are considered as iconic in the history of cinema were screened. An interactive session on the marine genre of films with some of the leading cineastes and critics were the sidelines of the film festival.

Maritime Film Society aims to promote movies and similar footage with a marine theme, and to enhance awareness of, and accessibility to, the art among maritime communities as well as to the general public.

Cultural Activities

Promotion of Traditional Arts / Music / Literature

At Aries, growth is not measured by profits alone, but also by how much time and money is spent on the society. We have been endeavoring to promote traditional arts, music and literature through our various cultural programmes.

Our key initiatives include-

Geethanjali - A Karnatic music concert by Prince Rama Varma, the renowned Karnatic vocalist
Bhavalaya Sandhya - An evening participating renowned artists in traditional dance forms like Bharatha Natyam, Mohiniyattom and Kuchipudi.
Palm Pusthakappura - A cultural meet involving famous writers and cultural leaders.

Youth Festivals for Children

The professionals at Aries share the compassion and commitment to give back to society the benefits of their expertise. They have been engaged in multiple initiatives for the youth, including workshops for personality development and youth festivals for children to bring out the talents and initiatives in them. We realise that a healthy young generation is the best investment for tomorrow.

Charity and Support

CEO Charity Fund for Medical helps, Assistance for Physically Retarded people, Rehabilitation of needy ones

The helping hand we extend to the needy prove that at Aries, our social conscience is alive and well. This social conscience influences everything we do. By pursuing initiatives such as CEO's charity fund for medical assistance and care and rehabilitation for physically challenged people, we are making a real difference to the society. The 'Aries family' finds no barriers!.

Free Workshops and Seminars for the Industry

As boundaries of responsibilities are redefined, we define and drive a vision that our own growth welds with the growth of the industry. As a part of this commitment, we organise free workshops and seminars at venues of global events and training institutions connected with maritime engineering.

Educational Scholarships

Aries education scholarships are provided every year to deserving underprivileged students. The scholarships are provided for one academic year at a time. The academic performances of the recipients are reviewed each year, and if found satisfactory, the scholarships are renewed for the next academic year. The company sponsors annual industrial training for engineering students.

Blood Donation Camp

Aries Group of Companies in association with Medi BizTV had successfully organized blood donation camp in Dubai. The next mission is to organize a World Record Blood Donation Drive Campaign across UAE with the support of Health Ministry targeting Schools, Universities, Corporates and General public.

As part of Aries CSR activities, we in association with reputed Medical hospitals organize Blood Donation Camps at our premises every year. This year we have so far conducted 2 blood donation camps wherein all our staff supported the cause by volunteering to this noble cause wholeheartedly.

Women Empowerment Programme

Aries Group has initiated Women Empowerment Programme, the first of its kind course in the Middle East with an extensively researched curriculum. The courses design is a blend of classroom training, soft skills, Online Training & On the job training to cater the graduate house wife's to come out of their comfort zone and move forward into economic creation and Income generation.

The programme will enable women to prepare and equip themselves in their spare time with the latest trends in the employment demand & supply market.

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