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Innovative Concepts

EFFISM, the Innovative Tool for Efficiency Management

EFFISM is the internationally recognized (MARSIM2014) state-of-the-art software developed as part of Industrial Doctorate Programme by Aries Group CEO Mr. Sohan Roy. EFFISM (Efficiency Improvement System Management) breaks traditional conventions of management assessment skills and enables every individual in the organization, irrespective of their position, to document their daily activities on a per-minute basis and enable them to improve their efficiency by themselves. By using the efficiency software, the top management can track and monitor every single activity in the organization without waiting for conventional appraisal reports from Managers or Division Heads. It also identifies the strong and weak links of the organization.
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EPICA – Embracing Next-Gen 3D Technology

The technology of 3D is opening brilliant scope for new generation visual engineers. Every event is a unique experience. To make the special days remarkable, people celebrate it with maximum exclusiveness. To craft the colourful events to come factual in front of eyes again and again, the real experiments with technology are made. 3D coverage of events is the most advanced in the inventory. Capturing in 3D and seeing the divine moments for real is an experience in itself.

Aries EPICA, headquartered in India, now gets into the 3D industry with an all round technical support and solution. They are expert content producers, the whole hog who has a studio in Kerala, where the contents ranging from animations to conversion of 2D to 3D are produced with maximum professionalism and perfection. EPICA possess experts for creatively capturing the exclusive ceremonies the world celebrate with cheer and charm. Aries already reached the heights in 3D film industry, with the prestigious projects like DAM999, Saint Dracula 3D and Kamasutra 3D.

EPICA is specialised in adding modern dynamism of trends to wedding coverage that can presents an unparalleled feel and face for the memories. Aries EPICA is expertise in 3D Photoshoot, 3D Videography, 3D Signage of Stills and Videos, 3D Editing, VFX AND compositing, 3D Pre Production and Post Production Services, 2D – 3D Conversion of Existing Wedding Video and in creating attractive 3D Photo Albums. 

Making impossible possible is what we call innovation. The most amazing technical innovation of this era is the successful creation of Glasses- free 3D Viewing. After years of research and development, the concept of 3D viewing without the burden of gargantuan glasses made a reality by the group. The technology got accepted as the most demanded expansion in the field of filming, sparking a visual revolution. The glasses free 3D Viewing allows the users to experience the new vistas of vision sitting at the comforts right at home. The autostereoscopic 4K display is behind the scene to bring out the illusionary world real infront of eyes without any strain or stress. EPICA 3DTV goes beyond selling the box. The Scope of 3D vediography is getting expanded into new horizons with the new innovation.
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The 10 Billion Dollar "PROJECT INDYWOOD"

ALIIFF (All Lights India International Film Festival) & IFM (Indywood Film Market) All Lights India International Film Festival and Indywood Film Market are two major wings of project Indywood. These initiatives are designed to create platforms for formulating creative programmes and networking towards a unified Indian cinema industry- The Indywood Cinema. The first edition of ALIIFF was organised at Kochi, India from 15th- 21st of Nov 2015. The festival was a grand success with the presence of more than 3500 delegates from 47 plus countries including silver screen and industry celebrities. The festival witnessed unprecedented crowd viewing with over 135 screenings. The Indywood Film Market attracted leading global market players seeking co-production deals with Indian film makers, buyers, sellers & key business persons. The conference, panel discussions, workshops conducted as part of IFM was attended by representatives from premier film technology companies like Auro, Dolby labs, EPICA 3D and CGS (China Giant Screen). The event provided a global venue for networking, product launching, panel discussions and trade expos.

Indywood Film Carnival 2016 (IInd Edition) - The Ultimate Film Carnival of the world

Indywood Film Carnival will take place at the World's Largest Film Studio - Ramoji Film City in September 24-27; 2016.The carnival will consist of five major segments- All Lights India International Film Festival, Indywood Film Market, International Film Business Awards, Conference & Talent Hunt. The event is targeting over 3,000 delegates and 10,000 footfalls from over 75 countries and is expected to trigger revolutionary changes in universal cinema industry. This will be the first film carnival in the world with film festival, film market, awards, talent hunt, red carpets, entertainments, conferences, network parties, celebrity sports, investor meets etc. happening at the world’s largest film studio primarily to promote film tourism. India ranks top in terms of theatrical admissions and the number of films produced every year. But the Indian film industry lags behind in terms of revenue generation and achieving global recognition. This is due to the fragmentation on the basis of language and geographical barriers within the country. Sohan Roy, a visionary with astute business acumen has the key for this issue. He believes that every dream is a challenge. Project Indywood is a launching pad for the Indian film industry to launch itself to the dizzy heights of global cinema.
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Creative Management Principle

Introduced and successfully implemented the Creative Management Principle of making the company as a society to share 50% of its profit with the employees to make them more responsible and committed. The unique concept of considering the entire company as a family, while the parents are being honoured with lifelong pension for their efforts to mould their child as a professional to serve the company, has become a Model Management Principle with better humanitarian values. Aries is perhaps the only company in the world to initiate such a pioneering concept.

Marine BizTV

Marine BizTV, the 24hr free to air global maritime TV channel serves as a unique platform for international maritime activities. Being sector specific for the marine and maritime world, the channel aims at being a single point of contact for all maritime activities and information worldwide, transmitting and helping to create a safer maritime world. Marine BizTV cater the best medium to infotainment thereby tracking paths for business development and promotion that bestow a new vision into the entire maritime trade. It is the first among the telecast media to get an ISO 9001 certification.
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Medi BizTV

Conceptualized and initiated Medi BizTV, the first global health care TV Channel that is dedicated to health and wellbeing. The channel serves as a tool of integration for the global healthcare sector and a medium to communicate healthcare and medical information to the people across the world. It is envisaged to become one-of-its-kind media house owned by the healthcare sector. This innovative project is now venturing into the global arena, with a keen interest in partnering/stake holding with companies of global repute in the healthcare sector.
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Marine City

Even though 90% of the world trade is being done through the sea route, the people who are related some way or other to the ocean is perhaps the most disintegrated community in the world. As a platform to bring them closer, the world’s first global maritime channel 'Marine BizTV' was launched in the year 2007.

And utilizing its global reach International Maritime Club (IMC) was formed to integrate various Maritime Organizations and became the largest Maritime Organization in the world. Together, Marine BizTV and IMC aim to set up Marine cities across the world. Marine City is a unique concept of neighborhood where mariners can stay, work and learn together as a close community.

Marine City offers a gamut of benefits to the mariners as it will be within a walking distance from the workplace. Mariners will get a chance to live with people of a similar frequency and work culture. They can enjoy the facility to work as long as they wish to do so.

A Marine City will easily attract International Maritime Companies and that in turn will result in more job opportunities for mariners and their family members. Apart from that, new generation will gain valuable professional experience from their predecessors. Every ship can be manned by the same group to facilitate better maintenance and longer life span of the ship.

In every Marine City, extension of sea life is made possible for mariners as family members stay together at the Marine City safely while a group from the same community will be manning the same ship on a rotation basis and a reliever can be send in case of an emergency.

The first-of-its-kind Marine City is going to set up in Kochi, Kerala, India offering a range of state-of-the-art facilities for its residents.

All Lights Film Services

All Lights Film Services (ALFS), is a leading consultancy which helps Film Makers to ‘Go GLOBAL’. All Lights Film Services provide movie/documentary the deserved exposure at various International Film Festivals across the globe with a surety that the movie would not go unnoticed at any of the film circuits, be it big or small. All Lights Film Services also does rigorous campaigns to help filmmakers get into the very prestigious ‘Oscar Race’ – A highest honor awarded for excellence in cinema.

Achievers Chronicle

Achievers Chronicle is a program designed to honor the individuals who are at the pinnacle of success courtesy their hard work and years of struggle to affirm their foot in the shipping and maritime industry. This inspirational work contains life stories, trials and tribulations of selected eminent personalities who have the potential to inspire the youth of our world.


Navarasa- The color of Emotions, a fashion show event held in association with the Hollywood movie DAM999, showcased an age old concept of Navarasa modernized in the form of an exhibit of costumes in nine colors depicting the nine rasas (emotions).
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Campus Choice Cine Awards

India’s first Red Carpet Campus Cine Awards, Campus Choice Cinema Awards, was organized by Aries Vismayas Max in association with The Department of Ship Technology, CUSAT. This new generation film awards were exclusively voted, hosted and organized by the college students in Kerala as part of the prestigious National Cultural Fiesta ANCHORAGE, the Silver Jubilee celebration of DOST.


Digi Ship gives a complete technical profile and specifications of a sailing vessel using videography and digitalized contents. This application, involving high level architecture to create a virtual representation of a ship, is a powerful tool for global vessel trade.


  • 360 Degree Video Views
  • Detailed Video Clips with specifications
  • Animated Virtual Tour
  • Digitalized Documents and Drawings
  • Survey reports
  • Technical Specifications

Digital CDC

Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) or Seafarers Identification Document in layman terms is an individual's passport to the sea. This legal and officially written authenticated paper contains records of the seafarers’ entire sea journey. With the recent incidents of forgery of CDC's many concerns have been raised in the industry.

To make the process more secure and easier, Marine BizTV through extensive research and surveys proposed Digitalization of the Seafarers document.

Advantages of Digitalization

  • Delay in time would be reduced immensely.
  • Documents would be cross checked easily.
  • Employers would be able to select the best manpower available.
  • Accidents due to lack of availability of good manpower would be reduced.
  • Verification procedure at the port would be speed up.
  • Malpractices via duplication of documents would be curbed.
  • IMO would be able to easily access every minute details of seafarer through this.

International Maritime Club

International Maritime Club (IMC) is a collective forum of decision makers, communities, organizations and associations for the development of the maritime industry through the interaction of all the key players who have a role in its future and to make interaction easy among the maritime community. IMC is now the largest maritime association with over 200 member organizations and 2,00,000 associate members from different sectors of the maritime industry.
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International Maritime Institute

International Maritime Institute (IMI) is meant for encouraging collaboration between maritime institutes and introducing the students to a rich variety of Audio Visual content of academic value. International Maritime Institute interacts with IMC putting future professionals in touch with senior maritime industry members. Latest news, special advertisement slots and special edition newsletters are provided to the member institutes, with regard to announcements of conferences, events and projects, campaigns, etc. IMI also acts as an online organization portal for maritime institutes which has the capacity to be developed as an international approval or standard assessment authority.

To keep up the spirit of competition and team work among its student members, International Maritime Institutes forum organized cultural extravaganza exclusively for the maritime institutes across the world.

Maritime Cultural Olympics, provided a never before opportunity to maritime students to showcase their talents. It was a never before experience for the maritime world. These young enthusiasts were judged by some of the prominent personalities from the field of art and maritime industry.

Maritime Corporate Quiz was also organized as part of the feat to know how charged the participants were in the field of maritime business. These competitions not only promoted cultural harmony but ignited the spirit of hard work and joviality.

World Medical Council (WMC)

World Medical Council is a forum designed and developed for uniting healthcare sectors across the world for the betterment of global medical industry. The organizational aim is to support the field of medicine by creating close knit relationship amongst different medical associations and their related departments. The association motivates “To create a Better and Healthy World?.
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